Top 10 Best Zombie Movies…In my opinion anyway!

10. The Horde

Excellent french horror movie set in a tower block , guns, guts and a very memorable showdown between one guy on a roof of a car and 100’s of zombies.

9. Evil Dead 2

Bit of a comedy horror from director Sam Rami but still an excellent entertaining film , not strictly a true zombie film but Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw for a hand will live with us forever …Groovy.

8. Braindead

Difficult to believe that Peter Jackson made this hilarious gore fest, New Zealand film makers went through a phase of making over the top gore infused horrors but always with a touch of humor. They may have taken a few cues of Rami’s Evil Dead. This film demo’s an excellent example of how to kill multiple undead with a petrol lawnmower and also wins the best dialogue category  “I kick ass for the lord!”

7. Dawn of the Dead(2004 remake)

What sticks in my mind are the first 5-10 minutes of this film when she gets outside and its absolute chaos, really captures the insanity and panic of a zombie outbreak, worth watching just for that!

6. REC

Classy french horror that is genuinely scary, made in a Blair Witch single camera sort of style but better, the night vision scenes are terrific and very unnerving.

5. Day of the Dead

The weakest film out of the trilogy , got a bit boring in places but made up for it with Bub and the best death by zombie scene ever , the death of Captain Rhodes if you haven’t seen that scene catch it on You Tube here

4. 28 Days Later

Danny Boyle’s take on the whole zombie apocalypse introduced us to running zombies (although they weren’t actually zombies as such just a virus achooo..)  I’m not going to start that argument on this blog. The scenes of a deserted London are awesome. A must watch.

3. Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg and Nick Frosts comedy put a refreshing tilt on things huge Romero fans they actually stared in Romeros’ Diary of the Dead as zombies. In the event of a zombie apocalypse where else would you rather be than in a pub!

2. Dawn of the Dead(original)

Dark days as 4 people escape the apocalypse and take refuge in a mall. Great film this one from the opening scenes of police fighting it out against zombies downtown  to the death of flyboy. Memorable scene of a zombie with unusually large forehead having the top of his head sliced off with helicopter blades. Absolute classic.

1. Night of the Living Dead

“Start boarding up the doors and windows” , the film by George that started it all , both the original and the remake share the number 1 spot. A group of people trapped in a house with the walking dead outside, ask your self this… has anyone really done anything different with a zombie movie since!

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4 Responses to Top 10 Best Zombie Movies…In my opinion anyway!

  1. Harry J says:

    Good list dude but what about Planet Terror

  2. jim5150 says:

    Hey Harry J good movie Planet Terror but wouldn’t be in my top 10, top 20 maybe! Rose McGowan with an ak47 for a leg is genius!! 

  3. zombie bob says:

    I’d have to put Zombieland in my top ten!!

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