The Great Slow vs Running Zombie Debate

The first movie to cause this debate and dis grunt the Romero Zombie purists was the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.
Many people were disgusted that Zombies could act this way, ok but surely we have to move on, call it Zombie evolution.

Is it perhaps the reason why George Romero’s latest Zombie outings haven’t been as successful as the early films. Are Zombies that are easy to run away from and manouvre around as scary as a Zombie that can run full pelt at you with snapping jaws and a strength of limb that can smash through a car windshield.
Your older non running Zombie was only threatening when they crowded round you and developed into a swarm, then your screwed due to the sheer numbers. One on one  and you’d be ok, just keep running circles around them until you find an escape route, just make sure its not a dead end and you’re not running into more of them.

Even if you did have a few of them coming at you , if you had a weapon of some sort I’m sure it would take little effort to dispatch the walking cadavers. The fast ones i’m not so sure, the speed that they move and the strength they possess would likely overcome you in moments. This has got to be a scarier representation of the Zombie.

In my opinion cinema audiences have grown tired of the dead surrounding some people in a building scenario and require different imagery, they need a new threat. You can’t give a Zombie a gun (although Bub out of Day of the Dead did quite well) that would be ridiculous, so you give them the next best think speed and agility.

We will possibly see a further zombie evolution in Brad Pitts World War Z where by the look of the trailer we will see a zombie tidal wave. But I’ll reserve judgement on how scary this will be until I see the film.
But in the meantime I say hail the evolution of the Zombie and accept the upgrade of the dead, because after all running Zombies are Zombies too!


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