Man Bites Zombie top 10 survival tips

Man bites zombie top 10 survival tips:

1. keep an eye on the news ,zombie outbreaks are never advertised as such . Look for small pockets of rioting that escalate . Take note of where the disturbance is relative to your location.
2. As soon as a zombie outbreak is recognised do your best to stock up on supplies , tinned food, bottled water and medical supplies
3. Fortify your base barricade your doors and windows with whatever you can find make sure you have an abundant supply of nails, wood and tools at your disposal.
4. Get yourself a weapon , if your living in the states a gun may be easy to come by, in Europe and the uk they are not commonplace . Learn how to use a bow and arrow or even better a crossbow if you can lay your hands on one. Swords are also a usefull weapon but as always you must train yourself to use it.
5. If you have access to a vehicle make sure you park it as close to the entrance of your base as is humanly possible. Make sure it is fully fuelled and serviced you don’t want to be escaping from your overrun base to find out that your battery’s flat.
6. Keep your self fit , if you find yourself on foot running from a horde of the undead they won’t stop chasing you because of fatigue.
7. Always have a backup plan , if your base is overrun you need a backup fully stocked alternative and a way of getting there!
8. Stay away from populated areas ports, airports , evacuation centres will be crowded with people and people means infection.
9. Trust no one , those that you thought to be friends can easily turn on you to take advantage of your supplies and fortifications.
10. Last but most important stay alive!!
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