Lyrics and Stories

Man Bites Zombies music is an attempt to tell multiple stories from different people as they struggle to survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I created this page to give a brief explanation of our lyrics and the stories behind them.

When It All Comes Down

First one to turn was on the TV
A superstar , face of the dead
then all at once a big sensation
that turned the world on its head

I imagine there’s people sat in front of their tv’s watching
pockets of small controlled outbreaks that know one takes seriously. The undead are sensationalised by the media.They’re paraded on chat shows but know one really realizes whats happening until its too late. All of a sudden the outbreaks become an epidemic..

And when it all comes down
I’ll be there at the end
You know I come prepared
Society will fail on that you can depend
I hope you come prepared

One guy has forseen the epidemic and prepares himself for the comming apocalypse
He urges other people to prepare themselves as he knows society and infostructure
will come crashing down.

Verse 2:
Start boarding up the doors and windows
Like fire on oil infection spread
Most people ran to find their families
Opened their homes to plagues of dead

The infection starts to spread,
People who have been bitten and the infected race to the comfort of their families,
Not knowing what a zombie bite means for them and their loved ones

This is the beginging of the end.

Zombie Chew Toy

The song that started it all , we wrote this before we decided to write about a zombie apocalypse. Not really part of the apocalypse story more of a generalisation of zombies and our most downloaded and played song to date.

Black are their eyes
The dead
And still they rise
Don’t know themselves
The Dead
Hunger presides

We gotta sit up
We gotta take down
Wake up to what is going round
We gotta defend
We gotta dig in
We gotta make sure that we never let em in
We gotta think smart
And build a barricade
You have every reason to be afraid
We gotta hang fire
Until we are sure
Not gonna be a chew toy for them no more

And still they come
The dead
Nowhere to run
Aim for the head
The Dead
You’ll see them fall

Stay Where You Are

Haven’t slept now for days hunger won’t let me lie
We’re both wasting away not a good way to die
Peering out from the door the streets so quiet outside
Had to be so fast they have their prey in sight
Made a run for the space and down the alley way
I see a figure in the mist I hear it moan and sway
Before I can react its got its teeth in me
I push it down to the floor but its too late for me

Many people have barricaded themselves in their homes to protect themselves from the dead. As the weeks go by the possibility of rescue begins to diminish as they begin too run out of food and water. Faced with the reality of starving to death one individual makes a run for it in the hope of finding life saving supplies. He gets cornered by one of the dead and gets bitten, he manages to escape the zombie but knows that this is the end for him.

Stay where you are
I won’t be coming home
Stay where you are
Stay where you are
Don’t venture out oh no
Stay where you are

He tells his loved ones that its not safe outside the relative security of their home.

Verse 2:
I can’t go back not now
Infections boils in me
Gotta run gotta get far away
This is the end for me
Something snaps in my head the fever shows its face
I stumble to the floor
Just death to contemplate

He’s been bitten by the undead and starts to feel the effects, he knows he can’t go back home as he will soon turn into an uncontrollable flesh eater. He has to get as far away from his loved ones as possible in order to protect them.

I’ve got the fever I’m loosing control
I’ve got this hunger it eats through my soul
I’ve got no sense I don’t know who I am
But there’s no pain no more
Loosing control..

He finally turns and joins the ranks of the dead, all memories of his humanity are lost.

The Preacher

The Preacher stepped up to the pulpit
A haggard face a man of god
Speaking words about salvation
To free the fallen human race

The faithful few are stunned to silence
Can’t believe the preachers words
to lay his hands upon the wicked
To reverse the hungry curse

With the world ending and pain and suffering abundant who can you turn to for salvation, a man of God of course. In this case a deluded man of the cloth who convinces his congregation that he has the power to reverse this hungry curse. But as the story unfolds his flock lose faith and begin to doubt him.

We can heal him
Of this I’m sure
Our lord has spoken
This is the cure

Bring in the cursed one
To take communion
I can free his tortured soul

The preacher has to prove to his congregation that he has the power to cure the damned and God is with him. He must convince the non-believers that this is the cure to the evil that plagues the world.

Hands lay on rotting flesh
This preachers final test
His unshakeable faith

To prove his power the preacher lays his hands upon one of the dead hoping to cure him.

His eyes deny him
God has no cure
Hells doorways open
God help us all

The cleansing backfires and the preacher can’t believe his eyes as God fails him. All hell breaks loose as the congregation runs for their lives. There faith in the almighty to deliver them from evil shattered.

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